The 2015 Poetry to Bridge Generations contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Here is a list of winners.

Dale Wolf poetry award: Walter Wheat

1st Place poem: Rita Sullivan
2nd Place poem: Marjorie Vandenack
3rd Place poem: Sarah Martin

Honorable mention in Alphabetical order- the remaining 7 of the 10 winning poems.

Sheila Boerner
Jean Circo
Ray Dewaele
Judy Edstrom
Diane Estes
Maisha Godare
C.E. McMahan

Youth Winners:

Abigail Jones 1st Place
Lydia Molczyk 2nd Place
Nolan Randall 3rd Place

Honorable Mentions:

Rachel Woods
Darby Carlin
Hannah Fenton
Kelsey Lytle
Annika Muse
Bridget Schroll
Elizabeth Ronayne

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